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Brand Strategy Consultants for Emerging Businesses.

Build a BRAND that will win the market over.

Discover your unique differentiation and become a distinctive brand 
that matters.

Champ specializes in helping founders

  • dig to uncover their brand core

  • determine what makes it significant

  • position how it will make a difference in the world


We consult with up-and-coming businesses and help them discover their core meaning.

We coach founders on how to develop an intentional brand strategy.

We train creative thinkers on how to champion these up-and-coming Brands. 


BRAND is built from

  • a clear purpose

  • core beliefs

  • a unique spirit

  • a solid POV

  • strong community insights

  • a one-of-a kind presence

It is the heart and soul of the business.

If you want to:

Win in your category and cement the status as the MVP of your field.

Score big with a standout brand identity that commands attention and earns fans.

Set a powerful brand positioning and deliver a clear creative brief for championship-level execution.

Build a strong fanbase of loyal customers who cheer you on through thick and thin.

Establish the game plan with targeted brand messaging that hits the bullseye.

Leave the competition in the dust with winning play action plans.

We will do some soul searching.

We will get you into position.

We will align you to your cultural fit.

We will create your clear strategic narrative.

We will get your Brand ready to get noticed, liked and trusted.

The Brand Development Process


 Go on an inner journey to discover the brand's identity, purpose, core values, culture, beliefs, and point of view.


Gain clarity and confidence on the path to developing and delivering a truly valuable offering the market needs.


Reveal the brand superpower and unlock its ability to stand out and have influence in a market that matters.


Champ pairs Brand Champions with Emerging Businesses.
We will be your A-team to think through all the process and expose the blind spots.


We run workshops with Startups and Champions, where we
navigate to the brand core
 and define how it will show up in the world.

  • We have the playbook for success: a roadmap to help you navigate from the Opportunity stage through Brand Development.
  • We'll guide you on how to map the market, scout out the target audience, and how to uncover their unmet needs.
  • We'll show you how to progress through Discovery, Purpose, and Brand Origination workshops to help create a champion brand. 
  • We've got you. Especially when the going gets tough. While you're pushing to keep going, we'll be there to have your back.

The Wayfounding Map
is our Training Ground

The Path to Success.

From Market Research to Market Presence, the startup journey is made up of connecting paths that lead a founding team to their launching pad.

The map depicts the navigational landmarks, checkpoints and output markers, so leaders can see where they are and know where to go.

The Brand Core is developed alongside Product and Business.


We believe that brand development is part of the core foundation of a successful business;
just like developing a strong core helps you successfully lift the heavy weights.

And, just like any championship quest,
building a brand requires patience, determination, dedication - 
for both the athlete and the trainer!


Are you a career marketer wanting to transition into a Brand Consultant for startups?

(There's a difference between working with existing brands vs emerging ones.)

If so, let's get you ready to develop brands, from the inside out!

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