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Champ aims to help Career Marketers become Independent Brand Champions. 

New business owners want to get brand ready.

But first, they need to start with the key building blocks. 

  • finding the opportunity

  • establishing the value proposition

  • determining their purpose and meaning

  • developing the Brand Foundation​

To get further ahead they need a Brand Champion on their team.

(How do you transition? We've been where you are.)
We understand that even after years of honing business skills,  many corporate marketers have never actually helped build a brand from scratch ...

... Or the resources

... or the database.

.... or the

(insert your need here).

Without the help of the team.




We are Brand Champions who want to help other Brand Champions, like you, help emerging businesses navigate the journey with clarity and confidence, and grow to success.

We will share all that we have experienced - or learned from founders' experiences -  in what goes into getting a sound foundation.


We've designed a strategic planning program for consultants to work with founders; including startup insights, direction, guidance, assistance, tools, resources and community... 

Great for connecting with others - like you - looking to start something of your own. 

Here is the Process

Sketch out the Concept

What needs to be built, who is going to buy it and how will it be valuable once launched into market?

Structure the Framework

How to work through the key business and brand foundations:

  • Opportunity

  • Purpose

  • Development 

Develop a Brand

This is where the magic happens. The brand emerges from within the organization and comes to life. It is this deep work that matters when a brand is ready to show up in a market and make a difference.

We will guide you through the process from fresh start

to foundational integrity.


There are a few ways to access this information.

  • You can read our intel articles about all of the foundational build sequence, techniques, resources and practical guide materials 

  • If you are more interested in a structured process, you can learn through our "go your own pace" Workshops.

  • If you get more out of personalized learnings, look for our live hosted workshops, seminars and interviews, and advice Q&As with SMEs  (hosted online for digital attendance or IRL in NYC).

  • If you want to meet other peers who are going through the same journey as you are and want to bounce ideas off each other, join our community - and if you are in NYC, join the community when it comes offline in our Initiative events. 


Career marketers who are ready and willing to put the work in.

Creative minds who don't mind having honest and direct conversations.

Open-minded consultants who want to root their business for solid growth and are ready to invest in their future growth.

Small firms and solopreneurs that are ready to grow their brand agency.


We've had the opportunity to work with large global corporations, mid-sized agencies and small startups through all stages of a business and brand build: from concept inception, business development,  brand design to market launch.
Now the question is, are you ready to work on your first steps to grow your consulting business?

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