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Ahhh, the fun bit. Tooting your own horn so that people will know about you and then buy your stuff. But, without a strategic focus, you will actually just be blowing a kazoo in the wind. 

If you don't know your audience, and how you want to meet, greet, chat them up and get them to come along for a ride with you, your trip with them will be expensive and short.

  • You will need to become a profiler. Yep, just like those guys on CSI or Criminal Minds. 

  • You will need to be willing to follow the breadcrumbs and really dig into what makes your target tick and what their patterns (trigger and purchase) are.

  • You will need to be able to express yourself. Who is your business as a personality: how you look, talk, the stories you like to tell. (This is your brand.)

  • You will need to know all about channels, how they work and how they work with your target. Are you focusing on a working mom? She is NOT on Snapchat. We call this Fish where the Fish Are.

  • You will need to know how to make an impact at each and every channel you cross with your target.

  • You will need to think of the experience you want them to have with your brand at each touchpoint they have with your brand, across the channels, as they move along this journey with you.

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