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Are You Launching a Business?

Do you have a concept that you want to grow into a thriving success?

But, you just aren't sure where to start
or who can help you get there? 


Are you a new founder wanting to build something that inspires you to get up every morning and take another step in your small business journey?

You tell yourself....

I want to prove myself to my industry and my competition; and establish myself in my category.

I am ready to build a solid business foundation, so I can build anything on top if it, as much as growth can handle.

I really believe this brand could become strong and mighty, withstanding market changes and taking on competition.

Maybe you have recently left your corporate job, ready to build out your idea - yet discovered it's not as easy without a team?

You wonder...

How do I know if I am moving in the right direction?

How do I know how far I've gotten?

How will I rise above the noise?

You realize you need a plan on how to build your dream business
that will stand out from the crowd?

And, you think....

"If I just had someone who knew the road and could help me navigate,

it would be so much easier." 

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to A Founder's Process. 






Are you pivoting from a professional career to launching a new business on your own?

So... you know a ton, but just need

  • that assurance you are heading in the right direction and get a few maps to keep you on track?

  • to shift your thinking when you are stuck, because you know you need an alternate POV?


Can you speak about the features of your offer, but struggle with articulating what benefits consumers will experience?

  • Do you actually know what benefits THEY are actually seeking? 

  • Can you explain how you STAND OUT among the rest of the solutions out there?

  • Are you able to describe the unique reason consumers should try you versus all of the others available?


Are you willing to take a bet on yourself? 

  • Are you willing to take a risk on putting your idea out there for others to benefit from, address the unknown road and go on this journey to success, because you believe in what you are doing?


  • Do you just want enough support to keep on on the right path?


  • Does having a positive mentor, supporting you, giving you ideas, and allowing you to "talk it out" work? 

Are you ready to learn the knowledge and skills one needs to master to launch?


  • Want to gain practical knowledge?


  • Want to learn how to gather the right information to be confident about launching, talking about and selling your product and service to your perfect customer and win them over?


  • Want to learn to ask the right questions so you can delve deeper into your best opportunity of success?


  • Want to know your business story as well as why you are taking this mission on?

I have been right there where you are.

Global Business Director                  Small Business Entrepreneur


Where I had to:

Learn how to be the entire development and production team


Decipher which research tools worked on a budget

Find the right marketing resources for small businesses

Figure out which launch steps were smart and which weren't

Track down the right people who actually knew how to help me....

Now, as a strategic business consultant, coach and trainer

 I am using my years of learning, exploration, and a few wrong turns to help other new founders get launch ready.

And as a result, I've designed a proprietary business launch

process which is laid out here in A Founder's Process.

No Direction

Structured Process

It is an easy framework that focuses on how to structure a new business foundation -

solid enough to build, launch and grow on top of it.

It is accessible and functional; designed in the form of step-by-step building blocks.

It is so effective that when I shared this process to help a few friend-clients focus on

their foundation, they were able to have their own successful launches and growth.

So, the question is...

Are you ready to...?

Build a strategic path to opportunity and success

Create a unique brand voice

Get a leg up on the competition

Build your bottom line

Develop targeted marketing plans


Increase leads and convert more customers 

What Is Involved?

We provide you with the tools and resources

Do you want to prove yourself to your industry, among your competition and stand out in your category?

You do the research and the work

Do you want to prove yourself to your industry, among your competition and stand out in your category?

We'll be there for you and virtually hold your hand

You are not alone. We are here for you. Ask questions. Meet other new founders. Learn and Grow. 

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Our Approach


Laying a sound business foundation is simple:


Use structural building blocks and stack them in a logical order, in a logical sequence. 

The Blueprint Project Workshop Series is a structured framework methodology that takes a block-by-block, pillar-by-pillar building approach.


As each building block gets filled with weight bearing material (data, information and insights), it becomes an integral part of the load bearing pillar it supports.

Here's a little secret:


It’s about process, focus, long game and doing the work. 


I have been both a professional and athletic coach for years.  I know where help is needed before you do; what happens when there are stumbling blocks and prep you; and when guidance is best and walk beside you. 

You will learn the knowledge and skills needed to master each launch step, so your business will be  stronger, fitter and ready for growth.

No matter what you want to do, there are people who have spent 
much of their life mastering that skill.  To speed up your learning, all you have to do is find them and study them... or get coached by them.  Lucky for you, we've gathered some of the best minds out there and have put together a team ready to coach you through your launch. 

Want direct access to the tools and more in-depth guidance 

on how to build a business...

which targets the right people;

with the right message;

to win key clients and grow consistently?

OK, Let's Get Started.

We've had the opportunity to work with large global corporations, mid-sized agencies and small startups through all stages of a business and brand build: from concept inception, business development,  brand design to market launch.


Now the question is, are you ready to work with us on the next step to grow your business?

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