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From Career Professional
to First Time Founder....

Many careerists, like you, are wondering 

"Can I launch my own business?"

It's just a spark of an idea -

but, does it have business potential?

Is ThisYou?

The Encore Initiative helps career professionals assess

if they should take the leap 

to build, launch and grow their first business. ​



Because, we know that even after years of honing business skills,  many corporate leaders have never actually started a business from scratch...

... Or the resources

... or the database.

.... or the

(insert your need here).

Without the help of the team.


And on top of that there are questions.

New questions. 





Questions like -

  • what is the best way to get started? 

  • what's the best approach? 

  • what to avoid? 

  • what resources to tap into? 

  • who to connect with? 

  • what to do next...?



So you get to googling and find some ideas, but everything seems disjointed and a bit all over the place. (Tiring and mind-numbing, actually.)



And now, frustration sets in and you wonder if it's worth it in the first place.

(psst. it totally is!) 

Starting the Process is Easier Than You Think...

Sketch out your Concept

What are you going to build, who is going to buy it and how will you be profitable once you get going?

Structure your Framework

You will establish 5 Pillars, each built with 4 building blocks -  filled with supporting material that keep your business foundation strong. 

Reinforce your Foundation

Once you have established that your offer represents a stand-out, problem-solution fit for a specific audience; and you have determined how you will reach them and convert them, you are ready to win.

The Encore Initiative was created just for the thousands of career changing, potential new business owners out there. 




We are founders who want to help other founders, like you, launch with clarity and confidence, and grow with success!

On this website, we will share all that we have experienced - or learned from other founder's experiences -  in what goes into setting a sound foundation for a new business. We purposefully are focusing on helping those who have a desire to start a new business. If you are wanting to launch a startup, a small business or a side-business, these foundational building blocks will have merit to your quest. 

Think of it as a strategic planning platform for what "people like me" come to for information, direction, guidance, assistance, tools, resources and community: 


... connecting with others who are also switching from a long time business career looking to start something of their own. 

We will guide you through the process from fresh start

to foundational integrity.



There are a few ways to access this information.

  • Under the Insights section, you have access to intel about all of the foundational build sequence, techniques, resources and practical guide materials 

  • If you are more interested in a structured process, learn through our "go your own pace" Workshops hosted online.

  • If you get more out of personalized learnings, look for our live hosted workshops, seminars and interviews and advice Q&As with Subject Matter Experts *SMEs  (hosted online for digital attendance or IRL in NYC).

  • If you want to meet other peers who are going through the same journey as you are and want to bounce ideas off each other, join our community online - and if you are in NYC, join the community when it comes offline in our Initiative events. 

Notice we don't use the word startup 


Because that loosely indicates that you are going to throw some ideas on the wall and see what sticks.




We are talking real, money making, transaction driving small business strategy. 

(Which, of course, could be applied to growing into a large scale-up).



We do not focus this information on pivots or the lean startup method, etc.

(We are not knocking those programs, as they are great for the community of entrepreneurs who want to try their hand at building... something.)

So, where do you start?


Entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to put the work in.

Founders who don't mind honesty and direct conversations.

Open-minded, small business owners who want to root their business for solid growth and are ready to invest in their future growth.

Small firms and solopreneurs that are ready to grow .



»    Direction on how to get started on your new business adventure

»     Challenges to help you establish a strong foundation for your business

»     Monetization ideas on how your business could make a profit

»     Guidance on which audience you should really target at first

»     Pointers on how to clearly define your unique value for your audience

»     Techniques to stand out against the competition with a strong positioning

»     Access to a successful step by step growth plan

»     Tips on how to make business decisions with more confidence

»     Advice on how to find clients who are happy to pay you for your solution

»     Guidelines on how to develop your brand personality

»     Access to helpful resources 

»     Support to help you grow your idea into a huge success

»     All the advice on starting a business from other successful new biz peers


OK, Let's Get Started.

We've had the opportunity to work with large global corporations, mid-sized agencies and small startups through all stages of a business and brand build: from concept inception, business development,  brand design to market launch.


Now the question is, are you ready to work on your first steps to grow your business?

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