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A Workshop to help you Build, Launch, and Grow your Business

Are you an entrepreneur who has left (or is looking to leave) your long career and want to start a business of your own - one that you can take into your future?



But you've wondered:
How am I actually going to make it all work out? 

Block by block

Maybe you have started planning your business, and realized: in order to see how the pieces can start to build on each other, you have to personally lay each foundational block?

In the corporate world, you had teams to help you research, plan, strategize and execute: the path was fairly clear and the load was easier to bear. 

But, now you are solo.


And the path isn't as well lit for you.

And the load feels a little more cumbersome.... 

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 7.30.38 PM.png

Wouldn't a roadmap that lays out the process be nice?

What if you just had the right guidance on how to start this process - guidance that is both practical and supportive - so you know you could build a business that could thrive?

[Are you interested in getting your business up and running with clarity, vision and the ability to execute consistently on the right strategies?]





Sadly, there are no magic techniques. No silver bullet will make your business succeed. And rarely do short cuts prove to be time savers (or money savers). 


Planning is time consuming. (But important.) However, most founders prefer to just get the product out there and then figure things out - to their detriment.


Maybe that has you wondering: how much prep work really needs to be done to launch a business that will stand out? How much planning is enough to lay a smart foundation and avoid those potential obstacles?

Again, wouldn't it be nice if there were guide that lays out everything?

Aimed at teaching new entrepreneurs to skillfully build out their business; this program shares best practices for setting strategies to lay out market opportunities, business development, profit planning and audience conversion.

Introducing The Blueprint Project

  • A learn and do step-by-step business foundations workshop that coaches new founders through the necessary checkpoints needed to ensure a concept could be turned into a thriving business.

  • A practical business prep guide, filled with insights and applicable instructions, that shows first time entrepreneurs where to start, what to do net and how to navigate the process.

The Blueprint Project is your access point to starting up.

Saving you time, money and helping shave off excessive trial and error when launching a new business. 

Yeah, but...
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"I don't have the time and energy to work on a plan." 

No, really...
Avatar 85

"I've looked at resources online already: and so many were too boring to get through."

Avatar 100

“Searching for the required info is time consuming and often frustrating. I just want to launch."

TBP is an easy to follow framework

that sets founders up for a smart launch​.

Setting up a company is easy.  Getting the first 10 people to show interest isn't even that hard.


But, there's more at stake than just creating a product and getting initial interest.


Turning an idea into an actual, tangible business can be a daunting process.


You need a  plan in place to actually get to those sales. 

With this self-paced, practical workshop, ​

The Blueprint Project 

shows every founder what they need to

get this process started.

Business Foundation

Profit Development

Strategic Thinking

Branding and Marketing

Money & Logistics

No, but really...
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"This part of the business development is the daunting and overwhelming process." 

Come on...
Avatar 85

"It seems too early to focus on this stuff. Can't we just work on marketing?" 

Again, Seriously...
Avatar 100

"I've already tried copying other models, but nothing made sense in relation to my business.”

Consider this:

No contractor would build a house without blueprints.

Why would you build a business without some sort of framework? 

Makes Sense.


TBP is a 5 module, phase-by-phase, online learning workshop for Encore Entrepreneurs who want to build a wildly successful business of their own.

This workshop gives you all of the foundational elements you need to structure your business strategically, capture your target's interest and lead them down the path of becoming a customer.


PLUS, it comes with mentorship, guidance, resources and some old-fashioned “I got you” support.


Following a 5-pillar, block-by-block framework program, this workshop uses a practical approach: 
20% content, 80% worksheets, tools and resources. 





Ask questions, get feedback from fellow founders bringing expertise from research, strategy,  finance, marketing and more. 


In our private, student-only community you can share ideas, get feedback and connect with other students and mentor coaches.


If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, write us and we’ll take care of you.

Lesson Comments

Under each training video, you’re invited to comment and get responses from our mentor coaches, TBP fellow students, and partner experts.


You’ll have access to many other students’ questions, along with answers from our mentor coaches and partner experts, so you’ll always have info at your fingertips.

Office Hours

"Office Hours" calls provide guidance and tackle your questions. Calls will be recorded and transcribed so you can listen and learn at your convenience.


An exclusive online training - THAT ISN'T BORING - for entrepreneurs who want to:

Get the Clarity to Stand Out

You will work out how to clearly identify how you fit in to your target audience's life, and how to claim your competitive advantage.

Launch with Confidence

You will design your product, process, pathway and profit plan, set your strategy and craft your perfect brand message to land clients.

Build and Grow Your Business

You will lay out thoughtful growth projections and financial forecasts, within a set timeline, to exhibit how your business can thrive.

Everything is Online.

No Books. No Tests. No Judgement.

Learn at Your Own Pace

You have lifetime access to the workshop materials, so you can work through them on your own schedule.

All materials (worksheets, story cards, vision boards, resources, tools, videos, transcripts) are online and mobile.

So, you are free to plan out your structure whenever you are able... whether you are at home, on the road or on a beach.

You will dig, design and frame your foundation: from market research,  competitive profiling, audience development, strategic planning, channel development, branding, marketing strategy to financial forecasting... and more. 


There are five core modules of curriculum, ready to go from day one. Each module contains 4-6 individual video lessons plus corresponding Worksheets (vision boards, story cards, work sheets and handouts) to help you integrate and apply what you learn to your business.

The structure helps you master the skills and put them into practice. Some modules may take a week or two. Some longer. Some shorter. It depends on how much info you start with.

And that's ok: building a business is an ongoing event.



Pillar 1

Stand Out with Authority


Clarify what business you are in, prove there is a market,  understand customer focus, position an authentic and competitive value proposition.  

Know exactly what the opportunity is, who is seeking it and where you can find them.

Identify your ideal customers: confirm the niche market you can own and what will make them most receptive to your solution.

Know what you are up against and what they have to offer and establish a competitive advantage that no other can claim. 

Clarify how your offer will be a benefit to your top consumer and how you will stand out as a competitive brand.

Pillar 2

Build a Smart Structure Early


Lay out production flow & development processes, the pathways you will take to customers & how these fit into the logic of profitability, with attention to key risks.

Break down the key activities, resources, and suppliers necessary to develop your base level offer for sale.

Align your system to execute your vision during the day-to-day: indicating productivity, project management and hiring needs.

Leverage your best options on how you will initially connect with consumers and how you will distribute the offer to them.

Outline an approach to revenue and profit plan thinking, based on structure and opportunities within your capabilities.

Pillar 3

Zig When They Zag


Outline an approach to revenue and profit plan thinking, based on structure and opportunities within your capabilities.

Clarify your business purpose by focusing on your North Star Vision, complemented by your promise of your Mission.

Establish specific short term goals that will move you closer to accomplishing your Mission. 

Leverage the key strategic approach you can realistically take in order to optimize your position in the market vs competition.

Create Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound (SMART) Objectives that help you reach each Goal set.

Pillar 4

Talk and Be Heard


With so much noise out there, how do you get anyone's attention, articulate your story that resonates and become something your audience can't wait to buy?

Get into the minds of your target niche, know exactly what they really want in order to create an outstanding relationship. 

Create an authentic brand and set a message that aligns your business best: what you say is as important as what you sell.

Channels: the right ways—and wrong ways—to use online, SEO, direct, offline, influencers, email and paid & unpaid media.

Create an inviting sales process that your customer is happy to follow: build an authentic relationship and get repeat buyers.

Pillar 5

Create a Long Runway


Master the details. Get your money straight. Be sure you are planning out a successful timeline. Dot your i's and cross your t's. You will thank yourself later.

Know your numbers. Apply basic financial forecasting to them to establish how much money, and how much runway, you need.

Consider how you will fund your business for the first few years. Look at both traditional and non-traditional avenues. 

Get your paperwork done. Legal, Structure, IP, Agreements, Contracts... oh my. If it's not signed, it's not yours.

How can you know what’s working if you’re not tracking it? Know which metrics matter, how to use them and map it out.

Ready to tell your story to the right audience and create your own happy ending? It's time to find your customer and help them make a MASSIVE shift towards changing the story of their lives.


You Are Not Alone.

You'll always have...


If you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re in over your head with your small business — we can help.


Once you sign up, you’ll have support from like-minded founders and peers in an encouraging environment.


Ask questions and get feedback from our expert mentor coaches covering all module lessons.

Are You Thinking...

"How will this benefit me?"

Using The Blueprint Project you can :

  • Get clear and confident with your business strategy

  • Build the core story for a game-changing business launch

  • Define how your field or industry thinks about your position in it

  • Frame how key audiences perceive the value, priority, and impact of your work

  • Design a communications and sales strategy to accelerate customer growth

"Wait... do I really need to do this?"

As entrepreneurs, we want to launch a successful business the first time around - using the best techniques and tools. But, we get so busy building the product, we forego setting up the rest of the business and figuring out how to market it, until the last minute.

By that time you don't want to spend too much time - or money - learning how. You just want to make sh*t happen.


Googling sends you down rabbit holes.  And hiring a consultant is out of budget and a time constraint.

(But... you still need some help....)

"Who is The Blueprint Project for?"

Founders who are READY to Stand Out.

Are you one of them?

  • Are you ready to attract more of the right opportunities and connections?

  • Are you ready to feel confident and secure knowing how to talk about your business?
  • Are you ready to attract more of your ideal clients?

  • Are you ready for your business becomes more profitable? 

  • Are you ready to build a substantial and sustainable future?

"What if I don't have to spend time going down rabbit holes?

What if I don't want to spend money on a consultant?"


The Blueprint Project is adapted from our successful consulting process and transformed into an affordable, easy to access, online DIY program. You now have access to a workshop that will give you understanding about your potential business success. You will put in the work. But, you will end up with a viable strategic launch plan.


*According to Forbes, the majority of new businesses who fail to plan out the future don't make it past year one. 

There's a reason so many founders have chosen

The Blueprint Project. 


Will you be next?

Take step one and start by bringing your idea to life.

Let's Do This!


success enjoy journey.jpg


Immediate Access to Brand Course Bonus

  • 5 Modules

  • 20 Lessons

  • 40+ Videos

  • 50+ Worksheets

  • Cheat Sheets, Exercises, Examples

  • Vision Board, Story Card Templates

  • Tools and Resources

  • Online Support, Weekly Q&As

  • Access to Vetted Resources

  • Two (2) One-Hour, One-on-One Consultation Calls with Coaches

One Time Payment


straight road to success blue sky.png


Immediate Access to Brand Course Bonus

  • 5 Modules

  • 20 Lessons

  • 40+ Videos

  • 50+ Worksheets

  • Cheat Sheets, Exercises, Examples

  • Vision Board, Story Card Templates

  • Tools and Resources

  • Online Support, Weekly Q&As

  • Access to Vetted Resources

  • Access to all live Q&As

  • 2 group coaching calls

4 Installments


success sign.jpg


Price per Pillar Workshop

  • 1 Module

  • 5 Lessons

  • 9+ Videos

  • 8+ Worksheets

  • Cheat Sheets, Exercises, Examples

  • Vision Board, Story Card Templates

  • Tools and Resources

  • Online Support, Weekly Q&As

    Access to Vetted Resources

  • Access to all live Q&As

  • Video replays of group coach calls

One Time Payment





  • Is The Blueprint Project right for me?
    If you want a successful business, then yes, it's for you. But remember, businesses don't build themselves. You must be willing to go the entire workshop and put time and effort into implementing your new knowledge; and then you'll have the tools you need to create a thriving future. Simply put, you have to put in the work. We're completely invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, so please email us with any questions and we will always give you an honest answer so you can make the best decision for you. We're happy to answer any questions.
  • How long will it take me to complete the whole workshop?
    The Blueprint Project is a 5-module course designed to be completed in ~ 6 weeks. The course is action-oriented, and you'll be building your foundational leverage, along with strategic plan as you take the course. And--side note--your business is never "done," which is a lesson that all entrepreneurs eventually learn. You'll always be testing, tweaking, and modifying what you create, but plan on about 2-5 hours per lesson over 6 weeks to complete the course and be up and running.
  • What kind of results could I get with The Blueprint Project?
    If you complete all of the modules, worksheets, and training inside the workshop, you'll have the education and tools you need to build, launch and grow a viable small business. Although we don't have a crystal ball and time machines haven't been invented yet, we can't guarantee exact results. But we do guarantee that you will learn the five pillar roadmap in easily digestible steps.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll get enormous benefit from this experience. And we’re happy to back that up with our risk-free guarantee. We feel strongly that we've laid out everything you get in the description above. If you register with the intent to learn, but don't show up, the program doesn't work in your favor. However, sometimes reading the small print is a pain in the bottom line, and if that happened to be you, and you didn't realize how much work had to go in getting your business off the ground, you can be sure we'll feel your pain and be happy to discuss a full refund. Just be ready, we will ask you about your experience with TBP and expect you to have at least given it a go. Because we really DO want you to launch a business and have success on the other end! So, if we can help in any way, either via TBP or otherwise, we will graciously offer our guidance. Good luck!
  • How do I access the materials?
    Surprisingly, easily. When you purchase, you'll use your email address to create your own login to the easy-to-use online learning platform. After that, you can login to our learning program 24/7 from anywhere in the world to access your content. This web-based online learning platform works beautifully on mobile, tablets, and computer browsers. You never lose access to The Blueprint Project and can return to any video or download at any time if you need a refresher. Let's get into it!
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