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Building Brands
with Founders

Thousands of founders are bringing their solution to life, every month.


Are you going to be one of them?​

Do you need help getting started?





Unlike traditional planning programs, we have broken the phases and stages of brand strategy planning into manageable, clearly defined steps - that are way more logical.

It's time to re-formulate the way we look at how a brand is built.


First focus on the foundation.

"What lies beneath" will be your support system to all growth. (Meaning, please don't start trying to grow something before you plant the seed.)

You won't write a business plan here. But, you will do all the work necessary to create the support system to which your business can be built on. So that you can:


  • Ensure your idea connects with the right niche.

  • Gain the insight on what your potential opportunity is to compete and win.

  • Find the tools to help you take the initiative to build it to the next level.

Seriously, this will save you time, money and effort as you progress to success.


Whether you want to start fresh or just tune up your idea, The Blueprint Project Workshops will help you figure out...

What market will you own?

How are you going to really help them?

What is your game plan?

Who are your core buyers?

How are you going to get them to pick you?

How are you going to get them excited to try it?

What is their story?

How are you going to get your offer to them?

How are you going to make a profit?



Business Strategy workshops
to set you in the right direction. 
Building block


The bird's eye view of how a sound foundation is built. Block by block. Pillar by pillar. And how everything supports each other.



So you have an interesting idea, but if a good amount of folks aren't interested in it, then you just have an idea. Or if someone else can beat you to it, with a better outcome for those folks, you will be swimming with sharks.

Social Marketing Icon



Know what is going to make a difference to your audience. So, you must be a good profiler. You must know how they will perceive you. You must be where they need you most and lead them to their expected outcome.

Mystery key


It all starts with "What if...?" What if you could solve a hard problem for a specific audience? Could you make money doing it?

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Can you actually make it, get it out there, sell it & make enough money to keep going and thrive? Know what you can't do without and who you can't do without. Know your costs and be able to cover them with your sales.



All the planning in the world can crumble if you don't have your legal and money hat on. Protect your bank account, your assets and your Intellectual Property. The legalese and paperwork no one likes to do, but must.

Steel Framing


Have you ever known an architect to build a house without a blueprint? Why would you build without one?




The best coaches know just about everything there is to know about the sport, the field, the opponents, their own players, the equipment and the fans. The coaches who are driven to win, come with a plan.

"This full set of resources is what every startup founder needs to get started."

"Take the next step and confidently

turn your product or service into a thriving success."


The Blueprint Project helps founders set their business roadmap for brand success.

For those who understand creating a smart business structure means they'll have a foundation strong enough to build on, launch off, and grow from.

"It is work. But, surprisingly, it's never boring."


The Blueprint Project


Why a Foundation Is Important.

Get an understanding of every foundational building block that needs to be set before you can build a solid and thriving business on top of it.

Use this as a first glance overview/ guide to help you as you start to turn your idea into a sustainable, thriving venture. Think of this Framework as a tool that helps you prep your plan, before you begin to lay out your blueprint.



This is Going to be Big! Or Will It?

Is this all just in your head, or is it based on an educated assumption based on concrete knowledge you have gathered?

  • Who are you? What are you making?

  • Is there really a problem you are going to fix?

  • Why will you win? Do you have any secret sauce?

  • How big is this opportunity? Are there enough active seekers to buy your offer?

  • Why is this important? What will your buyers get out of it that they can''t get anywhere else?



Stand Out With Authority

Craft your back story.  Clarify what business you are in, prove there is a market,  understand customer focus, position an authentic and competitive value proposition. 

  • Know exactly what the opportunity is, who is seeking it and where you can find them.

  • Identify your ideal customers: confirm the niche market you can own and what will make them most receptive to your solution.

  • Know what you are up against and what they have to offer and establish a competitive advantage that no other can claim.

  • Clarify how your offer will be a benefit to your top consumer and how you will stand out as a competitive brand.

Validation Pillar


Build a Smart Structure Early

Lay out production flow and development processes, the pathways you will take to customers and how these fit into the logic of profitability, with attention to key risks.

  • Break down the key activities, resources, and suppliers necessary to develop your base level offer for sale.

  • Align your system to execute your vision during the day-to-day: indicating productivity, project management and hiring needs.

  • Leverage your best options on how you will initially connect with consumers and how you will distribute the offer to them.

  • Outline an approach to revenue and profit plan thinking, based on structure and opportunities within your capabilities.


Operations Pillar


Zig When They Zag

Craft a unique strategy to connect with your target and set yourself apart from the competition; based on what you can bring to - and what is happening in - the market.

  • Clarify your business purpose by focusing on your North Star Vision, complemented by your promise of your Mission.

  • Establish specific short term goals that will move you closer to accomplishing your mission.

  • Leverage the key strategic approach you can realistically take in order to optimize your position in the market vs competition.

  • Create Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound (SMART) Objectives that help you reach each Goal set.

Game Plan Pillar


Talk and Be Heard

  • Get into the minds of your target niche, know exactly what they really want in order to create an outstanding relationship.

  • Create an authentic brand and set a message that aligns your business best: what you say is as important as what you sell.

  • Channels: the right ways—and wrong ways—to use online, SEO, direct, offline, influencers, email and paid & unpaid media.

  • Create an inviting sales process that your customer is happy to follow: build an authentic relationship and get repeat buyers.

With so much noise out there, how do you get anyone's attention, articulate your brand story that resonates and become something your audience can't wait to buy?

Conversion Pillar


Create a Long Runway

  • Know your numbers. Apply basic financial forecasting to them to establish how much money, and how much runway, you need.

  • Consider how you will fund your business for the first few years. Look at both traditional and non-traditional avenues.

  • Get your paperwork done. Legal, Structure, IP, Agreements, Contracts... oh my. If it's not signed, it's not yours.

  • How can you know what’s working if you’re not tracking it? Know which metrics matter, how to use them and map it out.

Master the details. Get your money straight. Be sure you are planning out a successful timeline. Dot your i's and cross your t's. You will thank yourself later.


By the End of the Workshops You Will:

  • Get clear and confident with your business strategy.

  • Know the market - the industry you will play in, where you fit in, who will really buy from you and your unique position that has you standing out from the crowd.

  • Locate your best customer and help them change the story of their lives.

  • Establish the right business structure - and a strong revenue based profit model.

  • Have a strategy with a purpose, goals, game plan and approach.

  • Develop your brand and become a must have in your customer's journey.

  • Work out the bottom-line must-have logistics and financials.​


Are you a serious entrepreneur in the making?

These workshops are for you, if you....

Have Low Bandwidth

Need practical help in building a launch strategy, but lack the resources to make it happen?

Need Extra Support

Searching for a playbook (and access to a  mentor) that focuses on early stage business?

Need a Little Direction

Want help planning how to attract more of the right opportunities and connections?


20% content, 80% planning worksheets, tools, resources. 

Growth, audience targeting, profit models, branding and market launch guidance.

Confident and secure on how to talk about your business and be  profitable.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Workshops?

Clarity of Direction

This framework helps you quickly identify the gaps in the market; figure out who your target REALLY is; and clearly reach them efficiently and effectively.

Make Sense of it All

This visual and practical workshop helps you know if you are moving in the right direction and gives you access to tools you need to lay out a clear roadmap.

Friendly Support

We show you how to rise above the noise. This process helps you establish your unique value proposition - and if you need any help, just ask.



Our team has more than 10 years of experience working in the start-up space and successfully launching a number of companies all over the country. Additionally, we also have more than ten years in corporate America and know how to make the system work for entrepreneurs. 

What People Are Saying

Join others who have grounded their startup with The Blueprint Project.

Memo Albarez

Soccer Campus

Queens, NY

A "learn and apply," step-by-step business launch workshop that coaches entrepreneurs through the stages needed to turn a concept into a thriving business.

Johnny Bournais

johnnyb Makeup

New York, NY

If you want to launch a successful business the first time around - use these best techniques and tools to set up the right parts of the business and learn how to market it correctly.

Shauna Strecker

Bella La Crema

Lyons, CO

KT's approach to the founder's journey was packed with advice and applicable trainings that really helped showed us where we needed to start, what gaps to look out for and how to clearly navigate the process. 

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